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Dahlstrom, Paul T.


Paul T. Dahlstrom, 1984. Soft booklet stitched with staples. With both dedication and preface by the author.

Paul T. Dahlstrom: Reflections.
A collection of poems. Dedication: To Barney with love, wishing you Christmas joy, Paul T. Dahlstrom. Barney is also the title of one of the poems. According to the preface the booklet is intended to be a Christmas greeting. The collection of poems is dedicated to his brother's, Howard's, memory. The preface ends with these words: I hope that these verses will in turn stimulate some reflections.

Paul T. Dahlstrom (1918-2007) was an American reverend, who served many Congregational churches in the Midwest from 1944-66. In 1966, he began a second career working for the Federal Government. He retired in 1980.

Dahlstrom, Paul T.


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